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Guild Policies

Guild Prime Directive:
Don't be a dick.

Attendance of 75% any higher expected.
Response to raid invites that appear on yoru calendar before the raid occurs.
If you accept a raid invite and don't show without informing an officer, the occurance will be marked. 3 total no-shows will drop your character rank in guild.
If you are gone from raiding for three consecutive weeks without informing an officer about your upcoming absence, you will be moved to New Rank status. On your return, you may request to be moved up to Member status.
If you are do not attend any raids for three consecutive weeks, but have informed an officer about your upcoming absence, no marks will occur until after the initial 3 weeks pass.
Raid invites begin at 7:15p Central, first pull is at 7:30p. Raid members must be on the character they plan to raid with, at the raid location and ready to accept invites. Anyone that causes repeated delays while raiding may be removed from the raid at the discretion of the raid leader and/or officer team, depending on how frequently it occurs and how much of a delay is caused. “Delay” is anything that prevents us from pulling in a timely fashion and is not necessarily limited to the examples listed below:

  • Coming back from break late.
  • Continuing to heal/tank/dps after a wipe is called.
  • Taking excessive time to return after a wipe.
  • Pulling bosses before the group is ready
  • Showing up unprepared for fights
  • Not paying attention when a fight is being explained/assignments are being given out
Information about pending progression bosses will be announced by the raid leader/officers and posted on Discord.
All pending progression bosses should be researched prior to the encounter. This means you may  read up on the boss/heroic encounter weeks before we actually attempt it. If you have not done the research, you could be replaced. If it has been a significant period of time it is expected that you review the material periodically in order to be ready.
Progression may be determined by the raid leader without input from the raiders.
The expectation is that all raiders have access to and read the forums or Discord channels regularly. We will be posting things relevant to our raid progression at either location and you are responsible for having that information. 
Raid composition will be decided by the raid/healing leader and officers. There will be no discussion regarding who is being chosen to raid.  Priority will be as follows:
Required roles: Tanks and heals are a must in WoW.
Reliable players: If someone shows up every day that we raid, they will likely be chosen before someone who doesn't.
Preference will be towards those who have accepted invites for that night. Some exceptions will be made if there is need for specific players.
There may be some nights where attendance will not be where it needs to be and we will have to find alternative activities on a raid night. For the love opf all that is holy, DO NOT be that person that cannot count. If you see less than 10 people online, and or the required roles have not been met, don't ask 'are we raiding?' It is extremely infuriating to the players who can count and are at the whim of other players that chose not to attend.
Guild ranks as follows: 
OFFICER: Recommended by guild members, voted on by officers 
VETERAN RAIDER: Raiders who have show 75% or higher attendance for at least 3 months. Exceptions will be made for raiders who are not present 3 nights a week but contribute greatly to the success of our guild. Only Veteran Raiders will be allowed to roll for vanity items (pets, mounts) that drop during a raid.
RAIDER: New to our raiding team. Must complete a minimum of 5 raids and shown impressive competence at your class/spec to be promoted. 
MEMBERS: Non-raiders, friends and family of the guild 
NEW RANK - Rank assigned to new members, players that have been away fromt he game for awhile
COMPROMISED: those who there is suspicion of their account being hacked. 
Overall, we want to be honest and open with what is going on with the KSK. We want raiding nights to be filled with good attempts and everyone paying attention with no one dragging the whole group down. 

There is an extremely high likelyhood that Personal Loot will be chosen on occasion for the raid run. Those who do not want to use it are free to volunteer to manage the loot system  for that night as well as all the responsibility that comes with it.
Multiple violations will result in demotion to member status or expulsion from the guild. We hope you all understand the underlying motivation for these changes and can respect what we need to do to enforce them. Any discussion regarding the new policy is welcome, provided that it takes place outside of raid time. Lets go out there and kill some serious shit.
Sincerely, Your guild leaders:

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